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        Evadere is a 3D escape room created in Unity where players must solve puzzles in order
    to proceed to the following room(s). Evadere originally started out as a Global Game Jam 2021
    project with my friends Alex, Tyler, Marcus, and Carlos (The Theme was Lost & Found). 

    A few weeks after Global Game Jam, Alex and I decided to use the project as a stepping 
    stone for our Capstone (hence why its in both School and Personal projects). Since 
    then, we cleaned some things up, fixed lingering bugs, and implemented a 
    networking co-op feature so players can complete escape rooms together! 
Check out my teammate Alexander Dispenza!


• Integrated Co-op Multiplayer (Room Creation/Joining, Host starting game, and Scene Replication) • 3D Character movement/rotation • Interaction system using Raycasts • Inventory system • User-Interface